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Great products sprout from ideas with strong personal connections
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What is a personal connection to an idea?

A personal connection to an idea is an idea that you’re emotionally invested in.

A strong personal connection comes from insider information gained through personal experiences within an industry. You’ve interacted within an industry long enough to understand and care about the audience within the industry. You’re part of the community. Your insider information allows you to envision experiences that will elicit joyous feelings from the audience.

A weak personal connection comes from one off experiences. Many times people come up with a “great idea” through something they’ve read, seen or experienced for the first time. They really have no emotional relationship to the industry or the audience. These ideas manifest themselves as problem/solution type ideas. They are superficial, not being able to relate emotionally to the audience but rather logically through features.

Why is it important to have a strong personal connection to our idea?

New ideas all have excitement that keeps them alive for a period of time. However, only a strong personal connection keeps us inspired to follow through.

A strong personal connection to our idea and our audience creates a number motivators that inspire us to follow through.

  1. A Greater Purpose – We feel a sense of obligation to bring the promise of our idea to our audience. We don’t want to let them down.
  2. Accomplishment – We’re part of the community and we want to contribute to the community. We feel a sense of satisfaction when we're recognized for our contribution.
  3. Reward – Reward is the motivator that’s always there. We want to make money from our idea. However, with a weak connection to our idea, this motivator is not enough to keep us inspired to follow through. On the rare occasion that someone is broke, it can be the only motivator that’s required.

An emotional connection allows us to tell stories that come from the heart and have the potential to move people. This is critical when selling your idea to your customers and investors.

Loyal customers buy what you believe. When they buy with their heart you have loyal customers (e.g. Apple, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks). When they buy with their head, you have fickle customers (e.g. Android phone makers). Companies like Apple have been around for a long time, there’s nothing preventing competitors from trying to make better products. Some have tried but these companies remain the most profitable in their industries. It’s because they connect with their customers on an emotional level and not a product feature level.

For investors, they get pitched every day. Every product touts themselves as a great disrupter with the potential to make lots of money. They want to invest in ideas they have a connection with. A great story coming from a strong connection to your idea can do that.

Whether it be for customers or investors, it’s about authenticity, your passion comes through if you really believe in your idea. 

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