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Lets dig into Why

Why are you working on the idea you are working on?

Answering this question gives your idea purpose. The obvious answer many times is “I think this is a good idea. It will make money!”. There’s nothing wrong with that answer. However, developing any idea into a product is hard work and a deeper connection to your idea will keep you inspired to continue when there are challenges. Do you know someone that jumps from idea to idea because they find something that “didn’t work” with the previous idea? There’s always going to be something with any idea that doesn’t work. Working on something you believe in with your heart will inspire and motivate you to work through any challenge.

I started Ideas to Reality because I was that person jumping from idea to idea. I thought I was passionate about an idea but what really fulfilled me was seeing ideas come to life. My purpose with Ideas to Reality is to help others bring purposeful ideas to life.

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